The Fort McMurray Pottery Guild is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 for the purpose of promoting clay arts. The pottery studio is a place for our members and students to share ideas and techniques and to explore the craft of pottery.  Our skills range from the beginner to the expert level.  

Fort McMurray Potters' Guild

Remember that you are responsible for attending one cleaning per 4 month period or you will forfeit your deposit for that period. Cleaning dates will be sent to your email.

The guild is always looking for members who are willing to learn new skills for pugging, loading and firing kilns, mixing glazes etc. We also have a brand new gas kiln and will be setting up training for this soon. If you are interested in learning and helping with any of these tasks, please email

Workshops (for members only)
Check back for information about upcoming workshops

April  2019 Newsletter: What’s Going On At The Guild? 

POTTERY CLASS: The first set of adult and kids pottery classes for 2019 ended on March 26th.  The next set of adult  classes will begin on Tuesday, April 2nd at 6:30pm and end on May 28 as there will be no class during the week of Spring Break.  The next set of kids classes will begin on Tuesday, April 2nd at 4:00pm and end on May 21st as there will be no class during the week of Spring Break.  Please remember that the guild is closed to general membership during class times.

POTTERY SALE: The Spring Pottery Sale will be Friday May 3rd (6-9pm) and Saturday May 4th (10am-2pm).  The sign up sheets to volunteer at the sale and/or sell your pieces are on the sign in table at the guild.  All members can sell their pottery if they’d like to.  Please consider donating a piece of unglazed bisqueware for the raffle basket.  There is a large basket adjacent to the sign in table at the guild to put donations into. Please remember that at the 2018 AGM, the percentage that the guild keeps from pottery sales is now 12%. 

PARKING FOR SALE: Parking may be difficult to come by.  There will be a fair/midway happening at the Casman Center in the big parking lot from May 2nd – 5th.   While we hope that this means extra foot traffic at our sale, it may also mean that we cannot park directly outside the guild. 
Thank you to the Sales Committee for all the work that you do behind the scenes to make the twice yearly pottery sale a success!

SPRING BUILDING: Spring building season is soon upon us.  Terry Connors of the Casman Center has advised that Eymundson Road will have a bus transfer station built on it.  More specifically, the hill between the Casman Centre and Eymundson Road will be cut into and the bus transfer station built in that space.  This is great news as the Casman Centre will be on various bus routes and as tenants in the building, we can also take advantage of this.   It is likely that during construction we may be asked to park in the big Casman Centre parking lot at times.  Terry hopes that the new bus service will help to alleviate some of the parking frustration during big events at the Casman Center.

DRYING RACKS: Thank You for using the drying rack name tag system. The drying rack name tag colour for April is ORANGE.


- The April guild cleaning will be on Friday, April 12th at 6:30pm.  A number of members have asked how guild cleanings work and how they get their cleaning deposit cheques back.

- All members are required to provide 3 $100 cleaning deposit cheques at the beginning of each year along with their guild membership fees.  These cheques are dated April 1, August 1 and December 1. To receive cleaning deposit cheque 1 back (dated April 1), a member must attend one guild cleaning in January, February or March.
- To receive cleaning deposit cheque 2 back (dated August 1), a member must attend one cleaning in April, May, or June.  There are no guild cleanings in July.
To receive cleaning deposit cheque 3 back (dated December 1), a member must attend one cleaning in August, September, October or November.  There are no guild cleanings in December.

CLEANING CLARIFICATION: Members can attend more than one cleaning for a particular period and will receive the cleaning deposit cheque back for THAT period only.  For example, if a member attended a guild cleaning in both January and February, they would only receive cleaning deposit cheque 1 back.

FAMILY DAY: Saturday April 13th .

Bob Blackmore workshops: Saturday April 6 10:00am – 4:00pm for newer throwers who would like help with centering, throwing taller pots, shaping, etc. Sunday April 7 10:00am – 4:00pm open to all members.  Cost of $50.00 per day plus purchase of own clay.  Both days are potluck – please bring something to share.
Bead and Jewelry making and the art of firing small things with Lana Crewe.  Sunday April 28th at 6:30pm.

EMPTY BOWLS: If you committed to making Empty Bowls for the 2019 Fort McMurray Food Bank Empty Bowls event, the poster board has been hung above the clay storage area.  Please update the poster board with your commitment.  Bowls can be thrown or hand built.  Please use 1.5lbs of clay (no heavier) for each bowl.  Please use pugged clay or clay from boxes marked “empty bowls”.  Please consider glaze firing your empty bowls in the gas kiln.  To do this, please put your glazed empty bowls on the rack directly in front of the gas kiln door.  A shelf in the kiln room has been identified for storing completed empty bowls.  If your completed empty bowls end up back on your shelf in the kiln room, please move them to the spot for completed empty bowls (across from the tool chest) so that they can be boxed up and delivered to the Fort McMurray Food Bank.  Thank You!!